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Accounting Asia GMS is positioned as a total solution for clients deploying expatriates, building and managing teams around Asia. Whether objectives require short-, mid-, or long-term solutions, we provide a broad spectrum of services to empower clients to locate their staff in target jurisdictions, maintain their satisfaction, manage their services, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Accounting Asia GMS can provide the following support :

Structuring Advisory

A corporation`s ability to transition global strategy to efficient and effective local implementation is intrinsic to its success. Inefficiencies in the initial structuring of a new entity may hamper operations, inhibit growth and negatively impact profitability. We offer professional advisory regarding tax structuring and transfer pricing, and provide intuitive guidance regarding the type of local entity best suited to achieve the client’s goals in a specific jurisdiction.
Our advisory is given with consideration to each clients` unique business model, global and local objectives, and company culture. This is rationalized with factors unique to every locale such as taxation and labor regulations, business culture and common practice.

Establishment of Local Operations

Our support includes legal registration of the local entity, registered address services, and initial tax filings, as well as relevant filings with social and labor insurance agencies. We can also provide Representatives (Independent Directorships, Secretaries etc ) where locally resident individuals are required, to enable the client to optimize structural benefits and internal control in the new entity, and minimize risk.
Where a more substantial local presence is not required, we can also provide virtual office and virtual employee services.
Additionally, expert advisory can be offered in initial stages regarding contractual issues, employment regulations, provision and structuring of benefits.

Human Capital

Attracting, retaining, and supporting the right people are pivotal elements in any global strategy. Accounting Asia provides multifaceted support relating to this valuable, yet vulnerable resource.

Surrogate Employer Services ( aka PEO Services, Manpower Services, Outsourced Employment Services )

In certain cases, corporations may have a requirement to locate staff in a particular jurisdiction, but prefer not to establish their own entity for this purpose. Accounting Asia GMS may provide Surrogate Employer Services to meet such needs. In this scenario, we facilitate through the employment of individuals by an existing local entity, and provide subsequent support as their employer - immigration, enrollment in, for example, social and labor insurance, ongoing payroll and tax compliance. The employed individual then provides consulting services for the local entity, following the mandate originally envisaged by the client. There are a number of benefits to this model, including the streamlining of the clients management and support structure.

Visa and Immigration

Accounting Asia GMS provide comprehensive immigration support to smoothly transition expatriates and their dependents to new assignments and locations. This is done with optimal efficiency and minimal disruption to the individuals or their roles in the organization.
Our immigration experts in locales across the region help navigate the rules and regulations specific to each jurisdiction to facilitate visa applications, and can address the spectrum of related issues for the Employee and their dependents. Extensive experience and a thorough understanding of statutory requirements enable our team to submit applications optimized for trouble free processing by authorities.

Our services extend beyond the scope of both traditional immigration and professional services firms. Our immigration office, in addition to handling visa and relocation related issues, is closely linked with our tax professionals. This creates a full understanding of the impact of immigration status on an expatriates' tax position. We are proud to provide a single-source solution for the detachment of foreign workers and their dependents.

Virtual Employee

Having a dedicated bilingual individual to provide general support services in-country can facilitate activities, optimize efficiency, and promote a proactive corporate image locally. Where levels of activity, timescales, or budgets are not conducive to employment of a full time employee, Accounting Asia GMS can offer a Virtual Employee service. In this model, we offer a stipulated number of hours each month of a dedicated employee of our organization to provide general support on the clients` behalf. This “virtual employee” can be furnished with a phone number and e mail address in the clients` name. This enables them to offer a responsive presence to their local customers and assignees without the expense and oversight, or even a locally registered entity, which may be required for a full time direct employee.

Ongoing Accounting, Payroll

Guided by ex-Big 4 senior managers, staff with decades of hands-on experience provide fully customized and scalable services, executed in strict adherence to best practices. We leverage an intimate understanding of both local tax and labor laws, and the international agreements which relate to them, in order to optimally structure payments.
Our total-solution services also include expense, invoice, and bank account management as well as monthly and annual reporting. By encompassing the entire spectrum of the accounting and compliance cycle, we empower clients to effectively structure, streamline, and control their operations.

Tax Compliance Services

Corporate Tax:
Multinational companies must address issues of taxation from a global perspective. Accounting Asia GMS attends to the full scope of a company’s taxation requirements within and across national borders.
A variety of issues inherent to cross-border transactions require integration of business solutions and advanced taxation analytics. Accounting Asia GMS has the expertise to provide seamless, tax efficient structuring  and services while effectively meeting the client organization’s business objectives. Whether a company has an established global presence or is expanding abroad for the first time, we are equipped to handle any tax issues that may arise in international business.

Accounting Asia GMS corporate tax services include:
• Initial Tax Reports
• Corporate Income Tax Returns
• Employment Tax Advice
• Cross-Border Finance Tax Advice
• Transfer Pricing Assistance

Individual Tax

Individual tax-related matters can be problematic even within an individual`s home jurisdiction. As globalization of operations inevitably demands mobility of human resources, these issues can be exacerbated. Addressing the implications of payment structuring and impact of local regulations on employees’ liabilities is therefore essential to minimize cost and maximize employee satisfaction.
Our Individual Tax specialists have accrued decades of experience in analyzing liabilities and opportunities inherent to each jurisdiction across the region. We utilize this expertise in providing advisory, planning, and compliance services tailored to the unique situation of each individual. These customized services optimize compensation received against cost to the employer, simplify corporate oversight, and ensure seamless, compliant transition as the individual`s position and location changes. We approach individual tax-related issues as core, rather than peripheral, to our clients’ success, and address factors such as residency classification, home leave, documentation, and effective compensation structuring to streamline business administration and maximize efficiency of expenditure.


Accounting Asia GMS can provide the following individual tax services:

• Design and implementation of tax effective remuneration packages
• Management of inbound and outbound assignees
• Dual contract, split pay arrangements, or time apportionment filing basis
• Assistance in preparation and filing of amended tax returns, including review of the late payment interest, tax    underpayment penalty and late filing penalty assessment

In summary, Accounting Asia GMS services leverage expertise from our broad range of local and international professionals to support clients through every step of their operations in the region.