Accounting Asia GMS ( Global Mobility Solutions ) is a part of the Accounting Asia group specifically dedicated to the support of clients establishing and managing staff in locations around Asia and the Middle East. We enable clients to hire, deploy and manage staff in diverse jurisdictions flexibly and efficiently, with full confidence in their compliance with local regulations. We achieve this by a holistic approach, providing services and expertise in all areas related to establishing a presence, locating and supporting personnel.


Coordinating geographically diverse operations can challenge a business's ability to maintain effectiveness while retaining profitability, and carries inevitable compliance risks.

Where clients` objectives require a local subsidiary, we can provide advice regarding the optimal entity type and structure, then implement its establishment. Subsequently we provide visa and relocation services, payroll, bookkeeping, and tax compliance to streamline clients` internal resource requirements.

A wholly owned local entity is not always strategically required or desired by the client. In many jurisdictions we can support hiring of designated staff on their behalf and manage all related processes through employment into an existing local entity.  These individuals can then provide consulting services to meet the clients` mandate.

In either scenario, clients benefit from our insight on the intricacies of local customs, common and best practices, regulations and structuring opportunities across the region which impact and shape successful human capital strategy.

We offer a uniquely comprehensive range of fully customized and scalable services. This empowers clients to focus resources on their core competencies, and effectively structure, streamline, and control their operations.