Surrogate Employer Services are also known as Employee Leasing, Manpower Services, or PEO (Professional Employer Organization). Under this structure, the client outsources certain work to our organization. To perform this work, we establish and maintain an employer relationship with suitable individuals identified by our client, assuming certain employer rights, and responsibilities towards them. The assigned employees then provide consulting services as part of our organization, to meet objectives originally envisaged by our client.

This structure enables client companies to effectively outsource the work required, with Accounting Asia GMS supporting employment, ongoing management and provision of services for the related individuals in a particular location. This may include visa, immigration, and relocation services, local enrollments, and ongoing management of payroll, tax and employee benefits for the employees.

It is estimated that over 2 million workers are currently employed under this model, which is particularly popular with corporations in the Energy and Telecoms industries.